A love letter to the sport of show jumping, DESERT FLIGHT is a documentary short film that explores the unique relationship with the horse and why people dedicate so much to the equestrian life.

Filmmaker Samia Staehle’ s goal was to capture the visceral way in which horses enrich our lives and heighten our senses. The film showcases the amazing kind of people that horses always seem to attract: individuals of enormous character, possessed of infinite work ethic, and often a very sharp sense of humor.

Set in Thermal, California the dry beauty of the desert and the horse show’s hidden dusty trails are reminiscent of her one-time home in India, a land of adventure and freedom.

DESERT FLIGHT was shot in 2017 with two-cameras over three-weeks by Tell Studios. Their crew from metropolitan Detroit with nearly zero experience with horses was set loose on the horse world, not without some trepidation from Staehle and her husband Daryl, the picture’s Executive Producer. There was no script, only the mandate to go and find out what drives these horse people to do what they do every day. The result was DESERT FLIGHT.

Desert Flight has gone global and after a successful tour of film festival wins is now available to stream on demand here at desertflightmovie.com! Be sure to check back at this, the official Desert Flight website or subscribe through the link at the top of the homepage for updates.