Woods Hole Film Festival Features Samia Staehle in “Filmmaker Chat”

As a director of an official selection of the Woods Hole Film Festival, Samia Staehle was featured on their “Filmmaker Chat” series. Staehle, who’s desire to share her love of horses brought the film to light spent slightly more than a half of an hour discussing the filmmaking process.

Alongside Staehle was the director of “The Mountain Dogs,” Aynsley Floyd who’s film depicts animals’ action independent of human interaction. Each filmmaker further shared their perspective as depicted through their films.

A senior level fest, the Woods Hole Film Festival in its 29th year takes place in the beach enclave of Woods Hole on the Cape of Massachusetts. The festival has been rated as one of the top 10 summer events in the state.

The interview in its entirety is available at the Woods Hole Filmmaker Chat.